Put an end to product management spreadsheets

Facilitating product, planning, prioritization & road mapping through a forensic approach

Product management tools

Tools to help product people make products people want.

AbductiveReason is a product discovery and product management solution based on the Socratic method with a forensic approach.

We build tools to:

* Gather evidence of user and business problems
* Filter and analyze evidence with NLP and unsupervised learning
* Classify evidence into problems using supervised learning
* Map problems to solutions in collaboration with development
* Prioritize work based on discovered customer value and product strategy.

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Improve Your Customer Focus

Track customer problems and gather evidence

Capture customer problems using a framework designed to present you with the simplest way to structure your product discovery and prioritization process. Pull feedback and other evidence from various channels such as Slack.

Discovery management system gives you the tools to track the motivation and justification of why each solution is worth the investment of your company’s time, money, and resources.

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Track motivation and justification

Prioritization with precision

Filter evidence with NLP and unsupervised learning to clarify the biggest problems that needs to be solved. Analyze multiple solutions and surface the most viable opportunities with clear prioritization that ties to your outcomes and objectives.

Evaluate strategic items and opportunities based on a defined set of strategic impacts to solve the right problems, avoid product re-work and adapt to rapidly changing markets.

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Create and visualize dependencies

Dependency tracking

Capture dependencies using a framework designed to anticipate hidden needs within customer’s requirements. Easily breakdown dependencies into more manageable solutions to increase agility and reduce waste inside Agile teams.

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Deliver the software you need as you need it

Roadmap planning

Plan and track roadmaps intuitively. Sequence work effectively to support your key milestones. Link goals to detailed work and eliminate misalignment between business objectives and technology projects.

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Product Discovery & Roadmaping Reimagined

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